Wiacom – WiFi Marketing & Analytics for Physical venues

Have you ever thought about how it would be to create your own client database, digitize their presence, analyze their behavior and engage them? Wiacom (FreeWiFi) is the answer! A direct marketing tool that allows you to create your own database and send customized communication using proximity and demographic filters.

Now let’s say you have a small coffee shop with a Wi-Fi connection. The client connects to your Wi-Fi and then gets redirected to a page where he or she has to fill in some ID info. Well, you’ve just created a database that allows you to easily communicate with your clients in the future (for offers, campaigns and so on). What’s great about our marketing tool is that it can be used by any business, no matter the size. And yes, we’re talking about something as small as a restaurant and as large as a stadium.

Turn your wi-fi into the most powerful database collection tool

Simplify your marketing life using advanced technologies!

Our service has wide applicability. The Wiacom platform can be used by any company that offers public wifi to customers who have the average stationary time higher than 30 seconds. We include:

  • Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Cafes
  • Large shopping centers: direct communication via SMS and email
  • Banks: SMS alerts for current promotions, traffic analysis and mobile apps usage
  • Medical Clinics and Hospitals: client feedback and cross sales
  • Transports and Logistics: taxi reservations, package tracking and delivery scheduling

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