Should you use TikTok for your business? Pros and cons you should be aware of.

May 25, 2022 | Digital Tips & Tricks

Today we will talk about a versatile platform and the advantages and disadvantages it features. A lot of people know about TikTok and how it became one of the most popular social media platforms in less than 5 years.

If you are an entrepreneur and you have never heard of TikTok, you should definitely read this article and download the app now.

Let’s have a look at how this app took shape and what you can do with it. If you have teenagers or young adults at home, you should ask them about The app started off as a Chinese music app for entertainment purposes.

People used this app for lip-syncing music videos with the song running in the background. Almost 4,5 years ago, another Chinese company, called ByteDance, bought and changed the name to TikTok. They also improved the app and its features. Soon, the app became popular, but this time not only for lip syncing, but also for dances, interesting facts and promoting companies. We, as a marketing company, and you, as a person who wants to promote a business, should be interested in the promoting side of this app.

With this short history background out of the way, we can talk about the pros and cons of using the app.


  1. It’s a free app

The best thing about this app is that it is free. You don’t have to pay for promotions. The only thing you should do is post interesting content. Even the luxury brands, like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior, which definitely have a high budget, use TikTok. This proves how important this app is for promoting your business.

  1. It has a lot of active users.

It has been only 4 years since TikTok launched, but it already has over 1 billion active users. Instagram has 12 years since it was launched, but has only 1.4 billion active users. Based on this fact, we can say that there are a lot of people on these types of apps that can turn into potential customers.

  1. You can grow your audience quickly.

At this point, let’s explain how TikTok works. For example, we have a small business that makes cakes that we want to promote. We make interesting short videos (usually between 15 second and 1 minute) and upload them to TikTok. An user that liked some food or cake videos before, will scroll up and see our video. He starts to follow us and maybe he will make an order in the near future.

Another interesting fact is that TikTok will show your video only to the users that liked something similar before. This makes your life easier, because you don’t have to choose the features of your audience, like you do on Instagram. TikTok will do this for you. This selection will help you grow your account in a fast and organic way. All you need to do is  post content.

  1. Videos make your content more interesting.

The last pro thing on our list concerns the videos. Even though, a couple of years ago, companies used photos to promote their brand,  currently it is more effective to use both videos and photos. A video can show a lot of details that a photo can’t and if you have a great marketing team behind, you can attract potential customers very fast. Videos have become a popular way of promoting products or services, because a lot of people realized that it is easier to transmit emotions through video than it is through photos.

We know that TikTok sounds perfect, but it also has some disadvantages.


  1. It doesn’t suit every company.

One of the cons is that not all the companies will have great results, even if they post regularly. For example, if you have a company that produces hospital equipment, there is a very low chance that a hospital director will scroll up through TikTok and will say: “Let’s buy from this random guy”. You will save money and time, if you promote your business with different methods. 

  1. Takes a lot of time to bring in leads.

Another disadvantage is that it takes time. If on Instagram you see the progress even after one day of promoting, on TikTok you can wait up to a couple of months until one of your videos becomes viral. There are a lot of people that post regularly and don’t have a big audience, and after a couple of months, one of their videos becomes viral and gains millions of views. That video can bring users a lot of customers and followers. But, of course, there are people who post only one video and that video becomes viral. Don’t lose hope if your videos don’t have a lot of views as soon as you post it.

Pros and cons aside, let’s see how this magic app really works. NadaréCo is a small business that grew because of TikTok. Andrea Norquay, the founder of the small business, started to post videos one week before the launch of the brand. She said that on the launch day she received 40 orders and was just about to sell everything. She appreciated TikTok as being “a powerful tool”. Now, after almost 1 year and a half, she has over 92K followers.

This is the power of TikTok. The best part is that everyone has a chance. In conclusion, we would like to ask you if you have considered exploring the features of TikTok? If you have a business and you want to use the magic app, but you are not good with social media (nothing to be ashamed of) or you don’t have time to invest, we suggest you contact a marketing agency. All marketing agencies have departments and experts that do social media content. This way you can save time and effort and you can increase the quality of your content.

Try it out and the results will come along.