If you are looking for an out-of-the box OOH channel to reach more than 8.000.000 consumers, then we have just the thing for you!

Billboards. You see them everywhere. Always in the same boring place where no one pays attention to them. Why not think out-of-the box and do something innovative? Why not make your message 100 % visible?

Thanks to our large OOH network, you absolutely can! Our moving billboards will deliver your message across the entire country!

Just imagine dozens of coaches that travel daily back and forth some of the biggest cities carrying your brand message. Or a full mesh with personalized messages on all available sides. We’ve done it in the past and there’s nothing stopping us from doing it again!

The way you deliver the message is a game changer

Apart from OOH, we can also deliver your message to all travelers in a very personal way with:

  • Promoters
  • Flyers placed on the seats
  • Inside coach posters
  • Personalized head-rests
  • We are open to any other out out-of-the box project you have in mind
National coverage to spread your message

We offer national coverage that generate awareness to more than 8.000.000 consumers.

Our routes cover the south western part of the country with moving billboards traveling on daily basis between this major cities: Bucharest to Pitesti, Rm. Valcea, Sibiu, Cluj, Deva, Timisoara, Dr. Tr. Severin, Caransebes, Resita, Craiova and Slatina.

The project aims to develop in Moldova region to cover counties like Buzau, Focsani, Adjud, Bacau and Iasi and expand the reach to 12.000.000 people.

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