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“I started to work with Laurentiu and AnyMedia in 2009 when we were searching for copy-writing and translating services for our website which we were preparing to launch on Romanian market. Since then our relation developed and AnyMedia offered a rich panel of services for soft-landing while expanding our operations in Romania, Bulgaria and Spain.”

Michal Zamec

CEO, Notino

”AnyMedia is that partner you can rely when it’s about advertising. Fast responsive and with a highly professional crew, their team was capable to improve our online presence by changing our website to a fresh new one and increase our brand’s awareness through all campaigns we implemented.”

Andreea Marin

Marketing Manager, UrgentCargus

”We’re lucky to be working with AnyMedia and have all our digital needs met! What really makes them valuable is their willingness to put in the extra work, in order to make sure we’re satisfied with the results. They have taken the time to understand our industry and our expectations to ensure a fruitful collaboration on all business levels.”

Claudia Butoarca

Brand Marketing Manager, Iveco

“Working with AnyMedia is a good start. The team is dedicated to helping us fulfill our objectives, with focus on building stronger business partnerships. Of course, tight deadlines and multi-region management is not an easy task, but the team shows dedication, pro-activity and power to work at late hours. We are a very demanding client, with the greatest attention to the smallest details. Work is not always flawless, but we highly appreciate Alina & her team for managing to keep up with multiple projects and specific requests from a large number of Fitbit commercial partners.”

Irina Alexandru

Channel & Consumer Marketing Manager, Fitbit

“Working with AnyMedia turned out to be the best decision in the pandemic landscape of 2020. Cotnari Wineyard being the #1 player on the market we had a very good presence in IKA, LKA and Hospitality. AnyMedia offered the support to shift from traditional marketing to digital presence. Apart from offering the digital campaign to launch our online shop, they successfully stepped up as our strategic partner for TV media buying and online rebrading for our iconic wines: Grasa de Cotnari and Busuioaca. ”

Stefan Chirichescu

CMO, Cramele Cotnari

”The moment we decided to make our Social Media presence available to the Romanian online community, we knew we had to pinpoint the right marketing agency to help us establish our online identity. AnyMedia continues to be a reliable partner in helping us set up online campaigns, stay connected to our customers and expand through target marketing and a rapidly growing following. We are satisfied to have found the best in the industry!”

Andaç Ertekin

International Senior Marketing Specialist, English Home

“Digital is the new norm. We were aware about this and ready to take the next step in developing our communication strategy for CTE Trailers. AnyMedia assisted us throughout the entire process: they drafted and executed our new communication strategy, helped us shift from traditional to active marketing and leveled us up to a company with a large digital fingerprint. This is only the beginning and we look forward to our new projects together!”

Dana Manns

Managing Partner, CTE Trailers

“Creative solutions, continuous service improvement, availability to adapt our communication and advertising needs were decisive in our cooperation. AnyMedia succeeded in a very short time, after they toke over our account, to deliver right solutions in order to lead our brand to leading position.”

Elena Stoica

Marketing Manager, Miniprix Romania

”Ever since we started collaborating with AnyMedia we realised it was the perfect fit for our company: flexible, honest, perseverent and receptive to our needs. Together, we have managed to increase our brand awareness, online presence and connect with our customers on all medias: from television to instagram and outdoor. They are highly responsive to our requests and above all, dedicated to the quality of their services.”

Crina Dulute Florea

Marketing Manager, Domeniile Averești

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