Wiacom.ai Wifi Marketing

Have you ever thought about how it would be to better know your audience, digitize your clients presence, analyze their behavior and engage with them?. Wiacom is the solution dedicated to brick and mortar businesses! A direct marketing tool that allows you to create your own database and send customized communication campaigns using proximity, behaviour and demographic targeting.

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What’s great about this marketing tool is that it can be used by any business, no matter the size. And yes, we’re talking about something as small as a restaurant or as large as a stadium.Simplify your marketing life using advanced technologies! Our service has wide applicability. The Wiacom platform can be used by any company that offers guest WiFi to customers who have the average stationary time higher than 30 seconds.

What do you need?

Shopping malls and Large Format Retail
Enhance your marketing campaigns with real customer data
Restaurants, Bars, Cafes
1-to-1 direct communication, digital menu and many more
Hotels and Hospitality
Convert OTA clients into your clients.

WiFi Marketing for Shopping Malls

Wiacom is the retail solution that offers marketing and analytics software all in one convenient platform.

Proximity, Behaviour and Demographic targeting

Wiacom.ai’s WiFi advertising solution for restaurants allows you to connect with customers, increase brand awareness, and boost sales through personalized deals and promotions delivered straight to their devices.

Own the game with Hotel WiFi Marketing

Easily manage and enhance your hotel’s WiFi with Wiacom.ai’s innovative solution, ensuring reliable and secure internet access for all guests.

OOH Monitoring
Determine how many people are in the proximity of a billboard
Large Transportation Hubs: train stations, airports or public transportation
Proximity content delivery service
Large Public Venues
Engage your visitors with relevant content

Higher visibility for OOH networks

WiFi monitoring solution from Wiacom.ai allows OOH networks to easily measure the audience and optimize their pricing, ensuring clients and agencies for the visibility of their campaigns.

Engage with your audience

Train stations now offer free guest WiFi for travelers, allowing them to stay connected and productive while waiting for their train.

Proximity and relevant content is the key

Guest WiFi in large public venues now employs proximity technology to deliver highly relevant content, enabling visitors to stay connected and enhance their experience.

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