Dertour Advertising Network

All brands dream of delivering their message to MILLIONS of consumers. Well, guess what? We can make that possible! Yes, that’s right. We communicate with 3.000.000 tourism consumers through various channels and they’re ready to meet YOU

Online exposure, social media, print, agencies, coaches, co-branding campaigns? Maybe you’re interested in product placement, traveling, cosmetics or perfume packaging? Just name the channels you think are best for promoting your business or let us make you an offer. We’ll think of everything and your campaign’s expectations will be fully met

Partnering with Romanian #1 Travel company
Marketing Strategy

Dertour Advertising Network in numbers


1.800.000 Online visitors & 320.000 Facebook fans

More than 450.000 printed high-quality magazines and brochures

80 travel agencies with 26 of them located in shopping malls

1.200.000 transactional emails sent to customers and prospects

20.000 newsletter subscribers


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