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Looking to increase the communication with your fans on social media? If you are doing business in Romania or planning to expand your presence here in the near future, AnyMedia can help you boost your business.

When you say Facebook, you say “ENGAGEMENT”. People need to interact frequently with your brand and we can help you by creating appealing Facebook applications.

What we bring to the table

    • Social Media specialists


    • Good skills in communication


    • Fair prices and high quality


    • Attention to details


    • Working experience with leading brands

If you want to outsource your services in Romania, here’s some useful facts…

  • Romania has the fastest growing market in the European Union in terms of IT outsourcing services.
  • Romania is ranked 1st in Europe and 6th in the world judging by the number of certified IT specialists.
  • The political scene is still more stable than in other countries companies like to invest.
  • Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is a 3 hours flight from London, making it a good destination for UK companies.
  • Romanians have strong aptitude for multilingual skills, primarily English, followed by French, Italian, Spanish and German.
  • Our IT specialists and companies offer a good price-quality ratio for their services.
  • 9 cities in Romania rank in the top 15 in the world with the highest speed of Internet connection.

Looking for an agency to help you build social media presence in Romanian? Choose AnyMedia!

  • We took Mobile Marketing projects, both national and regional, from zero to leading position. We managed advertising budgets of more than 3 mil euros. And, through our work, we’ve influenced the behaviors of millions of consumers out there.
  • We are your „friend in Mobile Marketing”. We know everything about the Romanian market, we know its people and its products, we know what works and what doesn’t and we can share all these with you.
  • We know people. And we can help in the negotiation of contracts with suppliers, for instance. We always act on our client’s behalf in front of any advertising provider.
  • We’ll be the “bridge” between you and the authorities. More precisely, we can help with the “legal stuff”. Each region has its laws and rules and we know them well enough. You’ll benefit from our knowledge so that each campaign or project goes as smooth as planned.
  • We’ll build your online and offline communication strategy. In a way that will boost your business. We’ve done it before from scratch. We’ll do it again for you.
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