Brand Awareness & Brand Monitoring

If you are doing business in Romania or planning to expand your business here in the near future, you will surely need a Marketing & Advertising Agency to increase your Brand Awareness.

AnyMedia is a Romanian Marketing & Advertising Agency, with more than 16 years experience in delivering efficient solutions to brands that aspireto become leaders. We took projects, both national and international, from zero to leading position. We managed advertising budgets of more than 3 mil. euros. And, through our work, we’ve influenced the behaviors of millions of consumers out there.

Looking for ways to take your branding strategy to the next level? Then, let’s talks about Brand Awareness, Online PR, and Brand Monitoring / Brand Protection.

Brand Awareness
Brand Awarness

Your business will thrive in today’s competitive market only through intelligently thought-out branding. We can help you increase brand awareness through our digital marketing strategies:

SEO. We identify search queries that contain your brand and describe your business, your services and products. Our goal is to make your website rank high on the first page of Google. The more qualified visitors and leads your website attracts, the more people know about your brand.

Content Marketing & Online PR. Unique. High-quality. Funny. Relatable. This is the type of content we publish on popular, relevant blogs or in online magazines and newspapers in order to get people addicted to your brand. By aligning the content we publish with the customer’s interests, drawing attention to your brand will come naturally.  Traffic to your website will increase and be converted into paying customers and brand promoters.

PPC Advertising: Google Ads, Facebook PPC and other domestic publishers. PPC campaigns are a great way for businesses to build better brand awareness and reach out to people both locally and globally. Keep your clients loyal and “recruit” new ones immediately.

Social Media is one of the best brand builders out there. We’re undefeated gurus when it comes to social media and all our efforts will converge into rendering your brand viral. The moment this happens, you’ll upgrade from brand awareness to brand recognition.

Brand Monitoring

Do you keep an eye on how people view your online business on the internet? Occasionally Googling your brand is not enough. We recommend constantly reviewing your feedback and identifying both threats and opportunities for your business.

Brand monitoring is essential to building relationships with consumers and protecting your brand’s reputation.


What AnyMedia can do for you :

  • identify content and logo abuse and take quick action to reinforce your rights.
  • track all of your brand and trademark’s mentions across the Internet(websites, blogs, social media platforms), with hourly updated results.
  • monitor brands in major app stores to make sure your customers aren’t falling for bogus apps.
  • uncover illegal, unauthorized online sales and halt the online counterfeits of your brand.
  • oversee the reviews your business receives on business directories, Social Media, forums, blogs.
  • respond to both positive and negative reviews about your brand across the internet.
Brand Awarness / Brand Monitoring

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