Google Adwords & Facebook Advertising

Are you doing business in Romania or planning to expand your business here in the near future? Are you looking for a Romanian Digital Marketing Agency in order to outsource your Google AdWords & Facebook PPC services?

AnyMedia Group is a Romanian Marketing Agency, with 7 years experience in delivering efficient solutions to brands which want to become leaders in their domain. We took projects, both national and regional, from zero to leading position. We managed advertising budgets of more than 3 mil. euros. And, through our work, we’ve influenced the behaviors of millions of consumers out there.

Google AdWords Campaigns

Google AdWords can bring significant revenue if used efficiently. Combining more types of campaigns – Desktop Search,  Mobile Search,  Display, Remarketing  – and different types of audience targeting –Demographic, Geographic, Topics -, we can help you quickly reach your potential customers.


For every Google AdWords campaign we create, we have in mind these steps:

  • Learning all about it is to know about your business.
  • Establish a clear goal.
  • Identify the targeted audience.
  • Check out the competition.
  • Set-up the campaign, paying attention to every detail (targeting, keywords, budget, conversion tracking, creating appealing, creative and trustworthy ads) and taking into account the information we acquired so far about your business, your clients, and your competition.
  • Constant Monitoring and Adjusting the campaign, like pausing keywords and ads with low CTR, adding new versions of copy if ads are under-performing, tracking consumer behavior, in order to maximize the results, test different variations on your landing page to determine which one maximizes conversions.
Facebook Ad Campaigns

We can create ads to direct new fans to your Facebook page, ensure that more users see certain posts or send fans to your website.


To make you a champion of sales with Facebook we offer you these services: 

  • Audience Identification. Precise targeting is the key to your Facebook Advertising campaign.
  • Creative Content & Design – We will create appealing content (text, image and video), designed especially for your target audience. We will use unique ad sets for each audience and personalized landing pages.
  • Using a combination of Facebook Insights and Google Analytics, we will analyze useful metrics like CPC, CPV, CTR, CPM, post engagement, cost per share, , time on site, bounce rate, conversions, visitors profile (age, gender, location)…etc.
  • ROI Reporting – We keep you updated with ROI performance reports.
Target potential customers in Romania

If you want to target potential customers in Romania via AdWords and Facebook, here’s some useful facts…

  • 9 cities in Romania rank in the top 15 in the world with the highest speed of Internet connection.
  • 99% of young Romanian people own a mobile phone.
  • 14% of young Romanian people spend more than 12 hours a day on the phone. 28% of them spend between 7 and 12 hours on the phone.
  • Smartphones are very often used during breaks at work / school (65%), for work and projects at school (44%), while waiting (40%), in bed before sleep (52%), in bed when they wake up (47%), while using means of transport (46%).
  • Facebook and YouTube the are most accessed social media sites in Romania.
  • Most visited website in Romania is by far Google, followed by Yahoo (due to their email service)
  • Internet usage during stages of buying for young Romanian people are : 52% were inspired and made initial discoveries online, 46% compare options online, 44% seek advice online, 31% prepared online for buying offline (ex .: searched for locations online)

Looking for a Romanian Digital Marketing Agency to manage your Google AdWords & Facebook Campaigns? Choose AnyMedia!

  • We took Mobile Marketing projects, both national and regional, from zero to leading position. We managed advertising budgets of more than 3 mil euros. And, through our work, we’ve influenced the behaviors of millions of consumers out there.
  • We are your „friend in Mobile Marketing”. We know everything about the Romanian market, we know its people and its products, we know what works and what doesn’t and we can share all these with you.
  • We know people. And we can help in the negotiation of contracts with suppliers, for instance. We always act on our client’s behalf in front of any advertising provider.
  • We’ll be the “bridge” between you and the authorities. More precisely, we can help with the “legal stuff”. Each region has its laws and rules and we know them well enough. You’ll benefit from our knowledge so that each campaign or project goes as smooth as planned.
  • We’ll build your online and offline communication strategy. In a way that will boost your business. We’ve done it before from scratch. We’ll do it again for you.
Mobile Marketing / Brand Awarness

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